Batman or Spiderman – which superhero does your child idolize? Would they prefer to cruise after baddies in the streets of Gotham or shoot webs at the criminals in New York City? Whatever their choice be, you will find it right here! In our superhero section we have come up with an interesting mix ‘n’ match of costumes in a myriad of designs and patterns.

A vast range of choices is featured here, from brightly colored outfits to costumes with dark, somber shades. We have reversible capes as well, so you basically get two for the price of one in such cases! Intricately stitched, these outfits are made with high quality fabrics so they don’t snag or tear when your child is showing off their moves. Winged costumes have thumb loops so they are secure and easy to spread. Now you know exactly where to look when the next themed party comes along!

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