Is your kid ready for his very first mission? Are they eager to follow in Neil Armstrong’s footsteps and land on the moon? Discovering outer space is an interesting subject for children as they would love to see planets, moons, stars, and comets up close! You can partly fulfill their dreams with these amazing space costumes, designed elaborately to resemble suits worn by astronauts. “Blasting off” will soon become their favorite pastime!
The shiny, gleaming suit is comfortable, with a zip-up front, which makes it easy to put on. For a more realistic feel, the front has fabric badge motifs sewn on them – just like astronauts from NASA. The waistline has an elastic band to facilitate seamless movements – your child can run, walk, jump, and basically do anything after donning the suit. The costume can be used for multiple occasions including dress up games at home, fancy dress contests, or themed birthday parties.

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