Are there monsters hiding under the bed? Or are they whispering in the closet? Booooooooo…and here they come! Monsters might be scary to kids, but are a great hit with them at the same time. We have featured beanies and capes in our monster costume collection, so you can take your pick according to your child’s age. For the younger monsters, a cute little cotton beanie resembling a monster’s face is ideal as it keeps their ears warm, thereby preventing them from catching a cold.

For the slightly older ones, a bright and colorful robe works equally well. The costume covers the head and has eye slits cutout of it, so their vision isn’t obstructed and they are without the danger of tripping and falling. The outfit also has jagged teeth patterned on it. Your kid will have a blast running around the house, chasing you, or playing with friends and loudly calling “Boo” to scare them!

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