In the Victorian era, people fought against each other for knighthood to be bestowed upon them. A knight costume has a beautiful regal aura with rich, bold colors – we have featured costumes based on these ideas. Padded vests made with plush velvet have golden or silver embroidery around the neck, to emphasize the design. Velcro side fasteners help to wear and take it off quickly when required.

That is not all – how can a knight costume be complete without a shield? Even if your child can’t be a “knight in shining armor”, they can surely become a knight with a sturdy, gleaming shield to fight battles and protect against enemies. Shields are available as accessories of the vests, and made of velvet too. Elaborately embellished with sequins, greatly emphasize the fabric motif. For a firm grip, there is an elastic handle at the back of the shield. Kids will love it!

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