Jurassic Park has firmly molded our mindsets about the great dinosaur creatures that became extinct millions of years ago! An immensely popular film among children, the roaring of the T-Rex dinosaur is something that stays with them even after the movie ends. No wonder they want to dress up as a dinosaur and roar away to glory! You can easily grant their wish by getting them one of our dinosaur costumes.

A flowing cape with proper detailing to resemble the long tail of dinosaurs and an attached hood – isn’t it a perfect costume to pull off during Halloween? The material is not too thick, so the cape can be worn comfortably for hours – rest assured it won’t be itchy or scratchy in any way. If your little one is too young for Jurassic Park, you can get them a sweet little dinosaur beanie which is made with cotton, they look cute and protect your child’s ears against the cold.

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