Most children love bird watching – they look up to the sky with fascinated gazes on spotting a flock of birds, so this is indeed a great chance for them to be one! All they need is a set of colorful bird costume wings to play with. Take a look at our assortment of bird costumes – kingfisher, lorikeet, galah, cockatoo, and much more. Each set is wonderfully detailed with intricate etchings and design so they resemble real wings.

The patterns and shades are beautifully embellished on wings, and the chiffon printing by hand is nothing short of excellent. For a snug fit, two adjustable shoulder straps and small thumb loops at the outer edge are included, which also helps to move about without difficulty, especially while mimicking a “flying” motion. Your child will love to own a bright, vibrantly colored set of wings so they can play dress up and even wear it for themed events.

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