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  • Food to Serve at a Child's Birthday Party

     Foods to serve at a child's birthday party, that your kids will surely love!

    So, you are hosting a child’s birthday party!

     Are you worried about what will you do about the food?  Don't stress we have provided a variety of ideas below, split by rough age groups.

     First you need to know or find out:

    • The age of the children who will be attending
    • The time of day
    • Location
    • Facilities available (oven etc)
    • Any child / adult allergies

    Once you know these factors you will be able to determine what kind of food you're going to serve. 

     Here are some general ideas for party foods according to various ages.


    1. Toddlers

    For a party with toddlers as the main guests, it helps to focus on finger foods that toddlers can pick up and eat themselves.  Make sure the foods served are and not choking hazards.

    Some ideas include:

    • Slices of fruit (melon, strawberries, apple, peaches, and ripe pears are good)
    • Cheese slices or wedges
    • Small sandwiches with soft filling like peanut butter (if there are no nut allergies), cheese, egg salad
    • Pieces of Pizza that's been cut into small slices or pieces
    • Cookies that are relatively soft, not hard or that contain nuts
    • Jelly cut into fun shapes, in individual serves in little disposable cups


    1. Preschoolers

    Like the food at toddler parties, preschoolers' party food is probably best if it is simple and can be eaten with the fingers.  However, preschoolers have more advanced coordination, are less prone to choking, and can enjoy a wider range of foods. Here are some ideas for preschoolers:

     All the items listed under the toddler section

    • Chips and dip (corn chips and salsa, potato chips and French onion dip, pretzels
    • Apple and other fruit slices, perhaps cut into little pieces and served in individual muffin cases.
    • Hot dogs on a bun cut in half. Condiments can be according to each guests' taste, but it might be less hassle to make the half-dogs up ahead, putting ketchup on some, mustard on others, and so forth. Then the guests can choose.
    • Pizza
    • Little sausage rolls and party pies
    • Fairy Bread


    1. Primary School

    Primary school spans a wide range of ages, from 5 to 11 years old.  For younger kids in primary school, say between 5 and 7 years old, the same kinds of foods as you'd have for preschoolers can be served.  For kids ages 8 to 11, here are some other possibilities:


    • Fruit kabobs (older kids know better than to use the skewers in inappropriate ways!)
    • Watermelon fruit basket (it's not too hard to cut a watermelon into a basket shape)
    • Build-your-own sandwich - set out breads and various sandwich spreads and fillings such as deli meat, cheese, sliced vegetables, etc.
    • Quesadillas with salsa and guacamole dip. You can cut these into fun shapes, too.
    • Hot dogs
    • Popcorn


    1. Junior High School

    Older kids might appreciate more "sophisticated" and interesting foods. For kids of junior high school age, here are some ideas to try.

    • Camp fire, Junior high schoolers can cook their own food over a campfire, or cook out on a BBQ/grill (with adult supervision, of course).
    • Make-your-own pizza, where kids can add toppings according to their tastes. Bagels, English muffins, homemade or store-bought mini crusts make good choices for the pizza base.
    • Ethnic foods can be fun for this age. Try serving various foods from different countries and see how everyone reacts to the new flavours. A couple suggestions included fried rice, noodles, taco’s, a mild curry, sushi,

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