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  • How to Host an Awesome 80's Birthday Party


    Do you Remember the 80s?

    If you are parents of young kids, you may have grown up in the 80s.  Even if you didn't, it's a fun era to replicate in a party! 

    Here are some ideas for throwing a 1980s party.


    Watch 80s movies, such as:

    • Back to the Future
    • Rocky
    • Lost Boys
    • Dirty Dancing
    • Ferris Bueller's Day Off
    • Pretty in Pink
    • Gremlins
    • Risky Business
    • Footloose
    • Ghost Busters

    Or TV Shows such as:

    • The Smurfs
    • Thundercats
    • MacGyuver
    • Growing Pains
    • 80's music video's such as Countdown

    Music is part of the entertainment so see if you can get your hands on music such as:

    • Duran Duran
    • Culture Club
    • Michael Jackson
    • Madonna
    • AIrsupply
    • Prince
    • U2
    • Aerosmith
    • Bon Jovi
    • Whitney Houston

    Games were popular in the 80's, how about trying some of these:

    • See if you can find an old Atari game console
    • Pacman
    • Rubik's cube contest
    • Moon-walking contest
    • Air-guitar contest
    • Charades
    • Twister
    • Go Rollerskating
    • Stage a blue light disco


    Records and 45s were part of the 80s scene as well as casette tapes. Go to your local antique store or market (or your own shed!) and dig out old records to put on the walls and around the room.

    Pastel colors as well as flouro's were big in the 80s, as were arcade games like Pac-Man and Space Invaders.  Use bright flouro coloured streamers, cups, napkins, and tablecloths, and decorate with cut-outs of your favorite arcade game characters from the 80s.  Neon colors were also popular in the 80s, usually combined with black.


    An 80s party lends itself to costumes"

    • Big hair with lots of spray
    • Hoop earrings
    • Sheer fluffy skirts and leggings
    • Lace gloves, and high heels
    • Stretch pants and leg warmers


    Favor ideas for an 80s party might include:

    • "Jelly" bracelets
    • Bangle bracelets (guests need lots because you have to wear more than one at a time!)
    • Smurf figurines
    • Slinkies
    • Rubik's cubes
    • Packman  figurines
    • Twisty straws


    Party food of the 80s was not exactly the natural and healthy type. 

    Junk food defined the 80s:

    • Corn chips
    • Cheezelss
    • Colas
    • Cordial
    • Jelly
    • Lollies - think redskins, milk bottles, milko's, popping candy, hubba bubba
    • Chicken wings
    • Cheese and picked onion on a stick
    • Dips
    • Curried Eggs
    • We're sure you remember more...


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