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  • 39 Productive things to do while watching TV or Netflix

    When I was a child, we didn’t watch too much television.  One rule that we had in my house was that if you wanted to watch something on tv , you had to something useful at the same time.

    So I learnt to knit and crochet.  We also did a bunch of craft projects such as latchhook and embroidery.

    So watching tv itself is not a very productive thing to be doing, whether you are for or against watching tv here are some suggestions.

    I decided to research some things other people suggest to do...

    • Knit or crochet
    • Pet love / grooming
    • Do your grocery shopping online
    • Clean out your handbag
    • Sew
    • Give your significant other foot rub
    • Do a puzzle
    • Colour in
    • Brainstorm blog content ideas
    • Paint your nails
    • Organise your desktop
    • Write a bucket list
    • Cleanout / up your emails
    • Ironing
    • Do a crossword puzzle
    • Sort and fold washing
    • Clean out the junk drawer
    • Streaching
    • Cleaning - such as dusting
    • Cleanout your makeup
    • Look for new recipe ideas online or in cookbooks
    • Meal planning
    • Card making
    • Plan for an upcoming event
    • Research and plan your next holiday
    • Pay bills
    • Prepare tomorrow’s to do list
    • Deep breathing exercieses
    • Cross stitch
    • Plan some date nights
    • Exercise - situps, pushups
    • Shop online
    • Play board games
    • Organise all your photos
    • Clean up your computer desktop
    • Edit photo’s
    • Go through the medicine cupboard and get rid of all the expired
    • Clean out unused apps on your phone or tablet
    • Scan receipts and sort into electronic files

    I didn't realise it as a child, but now I realise our parents were teaching us to multitask. 

    Here are a few little crafts that you might like to get started with..

    pirate colour your doll set

    dino craft

    butterfly cross stitch

    canvas bag craft


    Today many familes watch so much tv, imagine if you could be productive at the same time?

    We'd love to hear how you go and what tasks you take up while watching TV?

    Happy Celebrating

    Rochelle x


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      • Gabriel Ruiz says...

        I was actually thinking about this, usually I don’t have enough motivation to keep up with everyday obligations however I’ve notice, if I have something to do and don’t want to do it o don’t feel like it’s way easier just to split my screen and do what I have to do.

        On June 15, 2020

      • Ketutar Jensen says...

        What a great list! Thanks!
        Just one little thing… could you be a peach and correct the “photo’s”? It should be “photos” – plural, not genitive…

        On June 07, 2018

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