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  • How to Plan a Pirate Party

    Pirate themed parties have been famous for a long time but people tend to get crazy about them after the release of movies such as “Pirates of the Caribbean”, or more recently, shows like “Jake and the Never Land Pirates”.

    Don’t worry if you do not know much about pirates or pirate themed parties, we will be giving you some awesome, yet simple ideas to make your party successful.

    There are literally hundreds of pirate party ideas out there, but we have chosen just some of the ideas to share as they are easy to implement for a home birthday party.

    Pirate Costumes

    First of all you will need a costume for the birthday boy or girl, so that they look and feel the part.

    A pirate costume can be a simple pyjama set of any colour most probably black and white.Two things which make any pyjama set look like a pirate outfit is a special pirate hat and a belt on your belly.

    For girls’ pirate costume, it can be a smart knee length dress with a belt and a special hat. You can also add a nice stone or beaded neck chains.

    You can also purchase some pirate toy swords for kids to hold while taking pictures. If your budget permits, there are also great places online to buy some fantastic pirate costumes.

    Another important addition to pirate costume is to add a pirate eye patch. Kids may not feel comfortable wearing it all the time, so perhaps you can keep them at your photo booth so they can wear them while taking pictures.


    Pirate Games

    Games are an important part of any party and what better way to do so than to entertain the little pirates than with a treasure hunt.

    An example of this would be to hide their favour bags somewhere in the venue and ask them to find them. To make sure each child chooses his/her own favour bag, place a sticker on their bag and give them each their own matching sticker, which they will use to identify their own favour bag.

    Pirate Favour Bags

    If you are thinking of some cool party favour ideas, you can give them gold coin chocolates, which are available at most supermarkets.

    Tell me a child who doesn’t love chocolate and especially gold coins so they feel like real little pirates who have found treasure.

    Pirate themed cakes are quite common so you can search the internet and Pinterest for many, many ideas.

    One of the most popular pirate themed cakes is a big treasure chest filled with gold coins and pearls. You could make it yourself or you can ask any local cake baker to bake this cake for you.

    If you want to have cupcakes, grab some pirate cupcake toppers and place them on your cupcakes.

    Pirate Venue Decor

    To decorate your venue, fill it will lots of black and white balloons.

    Make a photo booth corner and place some eye patches, pirate hats, fabric bunting triangles and some cardboard made telescope tubes there.

    One side of the room could be setup as an activity corner. Place plain small wooden chests, some pearls or stickers, glue and some coloured markers.  Ask the kids to each decorate their own wooden chest and let them take them home.

    You could also ask them to draw a map or maze and ask any other party guests to solve it.

    Overall, pirate themed birthday parties are a great and fun idea, not only for kids but also for adults who attend with their children.

    Need More Pirate Party Products and Ideas?

    To find more ideas why not jump over to our Pinterest site and follow us for more great ideas. 

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